Pick and Place Machine
    Essemtec FLX2010LV capable of placing down to 0201 components
Stencil Printer
    Essemtec SP200 with Auto Vision
Reflow Oven (2)
    Vitronics SMR 800, 10 Zone (8 Hot, 2 Cool Zone) Nitrogen ready and Lead Free Capable
BGA X-ray

    Glenbrook Technologies

    Yes-Tech EX-12 5Camera Vision

Wave Solder Machine

    1-Manncorp MT300 dedicated to Lead Free
    1-Manncorp MT300 dedicated to Tin/Lead
PCB Depanelizer
    Manncorp 520N

   Rythm Selective Soldering System
Wire Prep
    Eubanks 2700
General equipment
    Automatic Lead Trimmer
    Various Lead Forming Tools- both Manual and Semi-Automatic
    Trek Triton Inline washer
    Microscopes, Soldering Irons